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Where can I find answers to other questions I may have?

Meals and Timing

The goal is to eat 6 times per day, every 2-3 hours in the order of Breakfast - Snack - Lunch -
Snack - Dinner - Snack. 

Meal Swapping

You're welcome to customize your meal plan to your liking. Remember to swap Breakfasts for Breakfasts, Snacks for Snacks, Lunches and Dinners are interchangable.


Danette recommends limiting your sweet snacks to one per day. From time to time, having more than one CLEAN sweet snack in a day in the appropriate serving size shouldn't hinder your progress.


Drink 3/4 to 1 gallon of water each day. This is in addition to teas and smoothies that contain water.

Why do we drink so much water and is it safe?

ACV+Lemon Water + Cayenne

Start your mornings with warm water, the juice of a lemon and Cayenne Pepper. Some recommend you drink this through a straw each morning to protect your tooth enamel.

  • 1 tsp. Bragg’s Apple Cider Vinegar (with mother root)
  • 1/2 Lemon, juiced
  • 1 c. Water (warm)
  • 1 pinch. Cayenne Pepper


What is Danette's Nutrition Philosophy?

Why do we drink Dandelion tea?

What can I do if I’m bloated?

What exactly is “clean” eating?

Why don’t we count calories in this lifestyle?

If I can’t buy everything organic what are the best foods to get organic?

Why are we to avoid Soy/Tofu?

Why can’t we have carbonated drinks?

What kinds of sweeteners can I use and what’s the difference between sugars? 

What is the difference between Whole wheat and Sprouted wheat/grain bread?

What If I can’t find Ezekiel/Sprouted grain bread or tortillas?

What are your tips for getting past cravings?

Do you have any food prep tips?

What do you suggest if I’m traveling?

Now that I’ve cleaned my system from the inside what products do you recommend for my skin?

Is This Program Safe If I Am Breastfeeding Or Pregnant?

Always consult your doctor if you have concerns. If you are pregnant or breastfeeding, skip my detox or cleanse and continue with the regular meal plan.

Can I Drink Coffee And Wine On This Program?

You can drink 1 cup of organic coffee or my super healthy coffee. Super Healthy Coffee is a snack replacement. Here’s the link: 

You can drink 1 glass of wine per week.

Is Maca Powder/Cacao Powder And Other “Health Foods” Safe Even If They Have A Warning Label?

What Products Are Used And Recommended?

You do not have to buy any of these products listed below to be successful, but I personally use them to enhance recipes and make my life a whole lot easier.

Clean collagen powder: Click Here

Organifi Protein (Only Ships in the US): Click Here

Organifi Green Juice (Only Ships in the US): Click Here

Thrive Market for Other Ingredients: Click Here

For International Orders Only: Spring of Life Whey Protein Powder: Click Here

 For International Orders Only: Spring of Life Plant Based Protein Powder: Click Here

For International Orders Only: Spring of Life Greens Powder packed with 70 superfoods: Click Here  


Ingredients you want to avoid in products:

Artificial colors/flavors, aspartame, canola oil, carrageenan, dextrose, fructose, maltodextrin, rapeseed oil, soy, soy lecithin, Splenda, sucralose, Sugar, sugar substitutes/fillers, vegetable oil, wheat, basically any chemical looking name (If you can’t pronounce it it’s probably not real, feel free to google it to make sure).
NOTE: Sprouted grains such as wheat, soy and barley are okay in products as they are in their raw and vulnerable form preventing inflammation in the gut. (You’ll typically find these in sprouted bread products such as Ezekiel bread, tortillas, etc..)
Additional research on products you wish to use that is not considered “recommended” is up to your discretion as to the consumer. As Danette reviews and makes additional recommendations in the future, those recommendations will be added to the program.

How do I order Danette’s Shirts?

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